5 breakfast ideas with 5 ingredients or less in 5 minutes 

Mornings are great for some, nightmares for others. I don’t think anyone wants to physically cook while half asleep in their jam jams. I’ve mastered the art of drinking coffee while watching YouTube videos. But, I have also mastered the quick and healthy breakfast game. Now my mornings are perfect. 

Here are 5 ideas to get your day started. 

Peanut Butter/Strawberry Toast

  • Whole grain toast+natural peanut butter+strawberry slices, shredded coconut+mini chocolate chips 

Mmmmmm it tastes like pb&j 

Breakfast Sammie

  • Whole grain english muffin (toasted)+1 egg (scrambled/fried/however you want it)+baby spinach+tomato slices+cheddar cheese 

Really easy to wrap up to go! Better than any fast food sandwich! 

    Yogurt Parfait 

    • Plain 2% Greek Yogurt+granola+banana chips+drizzle of honey 

    I feel fancy when I eat parfaits…now you can too. 

      Spinach Omelet 

      • 3 eggs+baby spinach+feta cheese

      This is too easy. Make sure you have a good nonstick pan and a little bit of butter melted in it for perfect nonstick action. 

        Breakfast Burrito 

        • Whole wheat wrap+2 scrambled eggs+pepper jack cheese+salsa+avocado 

        Another nice grab and go. Who doesn’t love a good burrito? 

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