10 Produce Items to Buy Every Week

I’m about to give you an insider look at my weekly grocery list. These are things I do buy and use on a regular basis. You will likely find one or more of these items in a single recipe that I post. I put these things on here because most you can eat raw, but you can also incorporate them into a lot of dishes. Think of all the combinations you could make with these things?! Enjoy!


  • Tomatoes
    • I use them raw on sandwiches, as toppings to tacos, or roasted in pasta dishes.
  • Baby Spinach 
    • Spinach is incredibly versatile. I use it on pizza, in pasta dishes, on sandwiches, in omelets/scrambles, and in smoothies (you can’t even taste it).
  •  Peppers
    • Peppers are my favorite vegetable. I like to use them as vessels for dips such as hummus. I also like to make stuffed peppers with green or red bell peppers. I use the tiny guys in omelets or as toppings for nachos.
  • Broccoli
    • I absolutely love roasted broccoli. It’s one of those vegetables that makes a great addition to most dishes. My most recent obsession? Broccoli in macaroni and cheese. I cannot get enough.
  • Carrots
    • Another perfect dipping vegetable. Carrots are also great roasted and with a BBQ rub.
  • Romaine
    • Having Romaine lettuce on hand makes for a quick and nutritious salad base. I  like to use the romaine leaves to make lettuce wraps instead of using bread all the time.
  • Cucumbers
    • While cucumbers are mostly water, they sure are refreshing. I love cucumbers and hummus together. I also like to make homemade Tzatziki, which cucumber is crucial for.
  • Lemons
    • I use lemons in a lot of my sauces. It’s a nice acid to finish many dishes with. I also like slices of lemon in my water.
  • Limes
    • I tend to make a lot of Tex-Mex style dishes that I like lime juice on. Plus, you know…tequila 😉
  • Sweet Potatoes
    • Sweet potatoes are my favorite starchy vegetable. These are great when cooked in a cast iron skillet to give them some crust. I usually chop them up, microwave them for 4-5 minutes, then put them in a hot cast iron pan to get the caramelized exterior. I also enjoy them baked and finished with brown sugar. Sweet potatoes are great with avocado. I recently started to use sweet potatoes in tacos and top them with guacamole.

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