Time to get vocal about shopping local.

I recently filmed a segment in collaboration with the sous chef I work with at one of our local farmers’ markets. We got to hang out with some Michigan farmers and discuss how important it is to shop local from an environmental, economical, and health perspective. The farmers market can honestly be overwhelming. Especially on summer weekends! Here are some simple tips to make the best of a day at the market. And some wonderful produce pictures while were at it.

  1. Plan meals in advance (this prevents over buying which can lead to produce going bad quickly!)
  2. Very little, if any produce is processed.
  3. Get to the market early! You will have the best selection of all the produce.
  4. Know which foods are in season. Seasons change and so does the food! You shouldn’t expect to see fresh berries at the market in the middle of winter in Michigan.
  5. Walk the market. Not only do you get exercise, but you can scoop out which vendors have the best prices.
  6. Ask questions to the vendors. They are the experts on their product!
  7. Try one new thing. Think purple potatoes, squash blossoms, or dragon’s tongue beans. YUM.
  8. Bring cash and have a budget.
  9. Stick to produce. You may be tempted by freshly baked cookies or breads, but stay with the produce for the healthiest option.
  10. Only buy what you can eat in a few days to prevent produce from spoiling.

You can watch our segment here: http://www.wzzm13.com/entertainment/television/programs/my-west-michigan/farmer-s-market-101/286689795



What’s your favorite thing to buy at the market and how do you prepare it??


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