3 drinks to make this NYE


Raspberry Mint Bellini img_4759

Refreshing and light with a mint flavor twist. Truly tastes like the holidays in a glass. Another plus to this drink, it’s absolutely stunning to look at! 


4oz Prosecco

½ oz Chambord

2 drops mint extract


Mint sprig

3-4 fresh raspberries

Preparation: Place fresh raspberries in the bottom of a champagne flute. Pour in Chambord and mint extract. Top with Prosecco and mint sprig.


Orange Thyme Bellini img_4769

Nothing says the holiday season like a well-balanced citrus and herb cocktail. This Bellini is perfect for a brunch or late night party. Adding fresh herbs to the orange flavor profile elevate this drink in an unexpected way. The thyme will slowly infuse into the drink, creating a subtle herb flavor. 


4oz Prosecco

½ oz Grand Marnier

½ oz freshly squeezed orange


Orange peel

Thyme sprig

Preparation: Pour Grand Marnier and orange juice into the bottom of a champagne flute. Top with Prosecco and add orange peel and thyme sprig to the glass.


Cranberry Bellini

This Bellini is the simplest of the bunch but is still filled with holiday flavor. There’s likely some leftover cranberry sauce somewhere in your home. Put is to good use by creating this simple and delicious cocktail. 


4oz Prosecco

1oz cranberry sauce


Fresh cranberries

Preparation: Fill bottom of champagne flute with cranberry sauce. Top with Prosecco and slowly stir mix cranberry sauce in. Top with fresh cranberries.

Happy holidays and happy hosting!

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