Breakfast Toast

This recipe was developed for Milk Means More.

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I love sitting down to a breakfast packed with eggs, veggies, fruit, whole grains, dairy, pretty much the whole nine yards. Sometimes though, mornings tend to be chaotic and I need to be awake extra early (UGH). That’s when I grab a piece of toast and some fun toppings. I love plain Greek yogurt as a toast spread. It’s higher in protein and lower in saturated fat than cream cheese plus gives you a probiotic boost. Topping it with strawberries and a dash of honey gives it the right amount of sweetness. Try this toast on your next busy morning!


Breakfast Toast

Serves 1


1 piece of whole grain bread, toasted to preferred doneness

2 TBSP Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)

¼ cup chopped strawberries

2 TBSP chopped pistachios


  1. Toast bread to preferred doneness
  2. Spread yogurt on toast
  3. Top with chopped strawberries and pistachios

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