Brace Yourselves…Michigan Produce is Coming

It’s officially Spring in Michigan which means Summer will soon be upon us. A Healthier Michigan has this lovely comprehensive guide to all Michigan produce and when it’s ready to harvest. Farmer’s Markets across the state will soon open in May. Time to get brainstorming on recipes. I’m personally excited to make a rhubarb and mixed berry tart this year.

Apples, July through October

Arugula, May through September

Asparagus, April through June

Basil, July through September

Beets, May through October

Blackberries, July into August

Blueberries, July into August

Broccoli, June through October

Brussels sprouts, August through November

Cabbage, June through November

Cantaloupes, August and September

Carrots, May through November

Cauliflower, August through November

Celeriac/celery root, August through October

Celery, August through October

Chard, May through September

Cherries, June and July

Cilantro, June through September

Corn, mid-June through mid-August

Cucumbers, July through mid-October

Eggplant, July through mid-October

Garlic, August through November

Garlic scapes/green garlic, May and June

Grapes, August and September

Green beans, July through September

Green Onions/Scallions, June through September

Greens (various), May through November

Herbs, various, May through October

Kale, June through November

Leeks, August through October

Lettuce (various), May through October

Melons, July through September

Onions, August through October

Parsley, May through September

Peaches, July and August

Pears, August through October

Peas and pea pods, June through August

Peppers (sweet), June through September

Plums, July and August

Potatoes, July through November

Radishes, May through October

Raspberries, June into August

Rhubarb, April through June

Spinach, May through October

Squash (summer), July through October

Squash (winter), August through November

Strawberries, June and July

Tomatoes, July through October

Turnips, August through November

Watermelons, August through September

Zucchini, July through October

Zucchini Blossoms, July and August

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